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  • FABRIK by Andries Odendaal

    FABRIK by Andries Odendaal

    FABRIK is a generative art project developed by Andries Odendaal, a renowned digital artist from Cape Town and one of the earliest members of the digital art movement. It was intended as a token of appreciation and a tribute to those who have been with us through the highs and lows of the market.  The…

  • NFTFI Airdrop Claim Explained

    NFTFI Airdrop Claim Explained

    NFTfi is the most trusted and battle-tested peer-to-peer lending protocol on the market, with the vision to offer a decentralized and permissionless settlement layer for all NFT finance projects.  It has helped thousands of NFT owners obtain liquidity against their NFTs, and allowed lenders to earn over $15 million in interest across more than $550…

  • Introducing NFTFI

    Introducing NFTFI

    The goal of NFT finance is to establish a financial ecosystem that is trustless, open, and secure. A pivotal step towards achieving this vision was the development of a foundational lending protocol. Four years ago the NFTfi protocol (NFTfi) enabled the first-ever, trustless on-chain NFT loan on Ethereum. This breakthrough demonstrated the potential for NFTs…