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  • Understanding the NFTFI Staking Multiplier

    Understanding the NFTFI Staking Multiplier

    Since NFTfi’s Season 3, borrowers and lenders can not only earn Leaderboard and Streak Multipliers, but additionally a new Staking Multiplier of up to 2.5x.  Understanding how to optimize the Staking Multiplier can make a material difference to your Season 3 (and future Seasons’) Earn Point potential. The Staking Multiplier can increase your maximum achievable…

  • FABRIK by Andries Odendaal

    FABRIK by Andries Odendaal

    FABRIK is a generative art project developed by Andries Odendaal, a renowned digital artist from Cape Town and one of the earliest members of the digital art movement. It was intended as a token of appreciation and a tribute to those who have been with us through the highs and lows of the market.  The…

  • NFTFI Airdrop Claim Explained

    NFTFI Airdrop Claim Explained

    NFTfi is the most trusted and battle-tested peer-to-peer lending protocol on the market, with the vision to offer a decentralized and permissionless settlement layer for all NFT finance projects.  It has helped thousands of NFT owners obtain liquidity against their NFTs, and allowed lenders to earn over $15 million in interest across more than $550…

  • Introducing NFTFI

    Introducing NFTFI

    The goal of NFT finance is to establish a financial ecosystem that is trustless, open, and secure. A pivotal step towards achieving this vision was the development of a foundational lending protocol. Four years ago the NFTfi protocol (NFTfi) enabled the first-ever, trustless on-chain NFT loan on Ethereum. This breakthrough demonstrated the potential for NFTs…

  • Announcing the NFTfi Foundation 

    Announcing the NFTfi Foundation 

    We are excited to announce the launch of the NFTfi Foundation. NFTs are becoming an essential component of the internet’s infrastructure and we foresee credit markets around NFTs expanding to support millions of users. The NFTfi Foundation’s vision is to create the leading decentralized settlement layer that will enable these markets. Pioneering NFT finance When…